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Don’t suffer in silence! If you’re experiencing the symptoms of testosterone deficiency or andropause (male menopause, yes, it’s a thing!), book yourself in for a free consultation and speak to one of our doctors.

Welcome to Nebula Health

Nebula Health is a private TRT clinic that is registered with the CQC. It has been set up and run by a team of doctors and pharmacists who are registered with the GMC and GPHC. Based in the prestigious Chelsea Bridge Clinic, our mission is to help the growing number of men suffering the symptoms of low testosterone or hypogonadism by offering Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and other health optimisation services.

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What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy? (TRT)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT the term used when bio-identical (the same as the body normally produces) testosterone is administered into the body to help return the testosterone back to normal physiological levels. TRT is used to treat symptoms of low testosterone.  It is essential that TRT is carefully monitored with regular blood tests to make sure that a balance is achieved with other hormones and that the correct physiological level is being achieved with the treatment. 

Symptoms of Low Testosterone (Andropause)

The unfortunate fact of ageing is the sad truth that as men age their testosterone decline. As a result men start to experience the symptoms of testosterone deficiency. This has been called the ‘male menopause’ or the andropause. 

Mood swings
Loss of muscle mass
Difficulty sleeping
Reduced ability to exercise
Lack of energy
And many more…

Do I have Low Testosterone?

Before you make the decision to begin your TRT journey to optimise your testosterone levels you need to determine whether you are experiencing the symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone. A commonly used diagnostic test that is used in relation to men’s health to help determine if you are suffering from low testosterone levels is called the ADAM questionnaire.

How to Get TRT UK

Nebula Health takes the hassle out of getting TRT in the UK. Unfortunately, when many men decide to embark on their TRT journey they encounter many roadblocks both in the NHS and the private sector. Nebula Health is the leader in TRT in the United Kingdom and has a dedicated team of trained doctors and pharmacists who will be your guides on your TRT journey. The teams can advise you on bespoke TRT packages that will help to balance and optimise your individual hormone imbalance. Call our team now to begin your TRT journey or take advantage of the FREE Initial TRT consultation.


Book your FREE Initial TRT Consultation

Book your FREE TRT initiation consultation. We will get to you within 24 hours to arrange a convenient time to discuss TRT.


Book Blood Test to Check Testosterone Levels

Order a testosterone blood test. We can arrange for a blood test to be taken from your home by a trained phlebotomist.


Blood Analysis & TRT Consultation

Analysis of blood results and consultation. Learn whether TRT is suitable for you. Learn about low testosterone or hypogonadism.


TRT Treatment & Support

Based on your blood test results, a private prescription will be written for the TRT. Once you sign up to one of our subscriptions a prescription will be issued and can be dispensed with our Partner Pharmacy.

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