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Nebula Health offers a unique approach to treating hypogonadism in the ageing male or the andropause. In conjunction with the prescribing of TRT after a diagnosis of low testosterone has been established Nebula Health works with a team of experienced personal trainers, coaches, and dieticians to help you get the most out of your treatment plan. If you are interested in adopting a 21st-century holistic approach to health and longevity ask our Nebula Health specialist about our facilitated exercise and diet programmes.

How it Works

Step 1 – Book a Free Consultation

Book a consultation with one of our team of experts at Nebula Health. They will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your health focusing on the hormones of interest.  After the consultation you will have a greater awareness of how your body works and how you are able to optimise your health.

Mature Male Patient In Consultation With Doctor In Office
The nurse draws blood from a vein for test.

2. We’ll Arrange a Blood Test

The Nebula Health Wellman Blood test provides a thorough examination of what is occurring in your body. Not only providing total testosterone levels but also your SHBG, free testosterone, oestrogen, and prolactin levels. Go to TRT Blood Tests to view the full range of over 50 tests included.

3. We’ll Outline a Treatment Plan

TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the fundamental approach used by the experts at Nebula Health to restore your testosterone back to optimal health levels. A number of treatment formulations are available from gels to intramuscular injections.

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TRT Pharmacy Service

What makes Nebula Health unique is the combination of a doctor and pharmacist working together. This means that the team are able to diagnose and treat symptoms of low testosterone using pharmaceutical grade testosterone products. All the TRT options are sourced from UK wholesalers such as AAH and Alliance and areas such are fully licensed by the MHRA.

It is always important to make sure that any medicine is sourced from the UK registered pharmacy to ensure that no counterfeit medicine is used. All medicine that has a marketing authorisation is regulated by the MHRA. This means that before a medicine reaches you it has undergone rigorous quality control procedures so that you can be 100% sure that medicine contains exactly the amount stated and is not contaminated in any way.

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Pharmacy Partner

Please note that Nebula Health does not supply any prescription-only medicines. All medicines will be dispensed against a private prescription and then dispensed by our partner GPHC registered pharmacy, Pharmacy Republic, or another registered pharmacy of your choosing.

TRT Treatment FAQs